How one man’s skin health discovery is helping people all over the country.

Sea Calm Skin founder Adam Grossman

Adam Grossman has lived with psoriasis his entire life - it affected the way he lived his life in nearly every way. People’s reactions to the skin disease that can result in red, painful patches of itchy, dry skin left him reluctant to interact. “People avoided eye contact and touching. They saw my condition, not me. At times, living with psoriasis left me feeling barely human.”

Desperate to change his life for the better, Adam did a deep dive on psoriasis - literally. He did some research and found that natural seaweed baths were used in Ireland to treat various skin issues.

“I was struggling with severe medications that led to negative effects on my health. I traveled to Ireland to seek my own natural solution.”

Sea Calm Skin founder Adam Grossman

Adam took one bath in the freshly-harvested seaweed, and knew he had found something different. With the help of leading experts and the eczema community, he was able to develop an highly effective at-home treatment. Sea Calm Skin helps relieve dry, itchy skin and other symptoms commonly associated with eczema and psoriasis with clean ingredients that actually work. Adam and his team have unlocked the door to a unique blend of powerful products that work together to help give relief to dry, itchy skin.




*Results depicted achieved using Itch Relief Instant Cooling Spray, Trouble Spot Relief Intensive Hydration, Daily Restore Moisture-Lock Body Cream, Daily Rebalance Gentle Body Wash + Shampoo

I knew I could change people’s lives, so with the help of top scientists, I developed an effective, seaweed-based treatment system. - ADAM GROSSMAN

Sea Calm Skin and MarineClear TechnologyTM are the result of extensive research with world-renowned scientists, delivering a skincare solution that provides relief from skin troubles that affect millions.

Bladderwrack Seaweed was just the start for Sea Calm Skin. This skin-soothing regimen is formulated with MarineClear TechnologyTM, a unique blend of calming ingredients.

  • Bladderwrack Seaweed is a rare, underwater resource rich in trace minerals that helps condition and soothe dry, irritated skin. Seaweed
  • Ginger Root Extract helps to calm and soothe skin suffering from flare-ups. Ginger root
  • A natural hydration protector, Vitamin B3 works to support the skin’s natural barrier. Vitamin b12
  • A natural hydration protector, Vitamin B3 works to support the skin’s natural barrier. Vitamin b12
  • Oat Kernel helps to hydrate and soothe dry, itchy skin. Oats
  • Chamomile Extract helps to calm and soothe as well as relieve skin of redness and dryness. Chamomile
  • A marine plant packed with antioxidants known to protect the skin, Blue Sea Kale leaves skin more resilient and looking healthier. Kale

These powerful, yet gentle skin-soothers all work together to support the overall health (and happiness) of your skin from the inside, out.

Don’t live with dry, flaky skin that runs your life. Take control with Sea Calm SkinTM.

Don’t live with dry, flaky skin that runs your life. Take control with Sea Calm SkinTM.



Watch Brooke’s personal journey with Sea Calm Skin and how it impacted her daughter’s life.
… I highly recommend you using Sea Calm SkinTM… It will totally give you back control of your skin.
…It relieves with a nice cooling feeling, and it relieves the itching.. but yet not greasy… And it’s a pretty great product!
I love the Moisture Lock… I noticed a big difference using it, especially with the moisture, and my skin tone is a little bit more even than when I started, so I’m noticing improvements, which is great!